Layout Planning & NA Approvals

Layout Approval means a plan of the entire site showing the location of plots/building blocks, roads, open spaces, entry/exits, parking, landscaping, etc. indicating the activity for all land parcels.


Site Assessment and Information Gathering

Identify the project site and gather necessary information about the location, such as topography, zoning regulations, and any existing structures or utilities.

Preliminary Design Development

Develop a preliminary design for the project, including the layout of buildings and other structures, parking areas, and any other features that will be included on the site.

Regulatory Approvals and Permitting

Obtain necessary approvals from local authorities, such as building permits, zoning variances, or other necessary approvals. This may involve submitting plans and documents for review, attending public hearings, and negotiating with regulators.


Environmental Assessment and Studies

Conduct any necessary environmental assessments or studies, such as a traffic impact analysis or a wetlands study.

Final Design and Compliance

Finalize the design of the project based on any feedback or requirements from regulatory authorities.

Construction Phase

Begin construction on the project, following all applicable regulations and guidelines.

Construction Monitoring and Compliance

Monitor the construction process to ensure that it is being completed according to the approved plans and in compliance with any relevant regulations.

Exterior Elevantion Design